Mandate of the Presidium

Goals and Responsibilities

The Presidium of the 500th Reformation Anniversary in Denmark had overall responsibility for the celebration of the anniversary with the goal of increasing understanding of the impact of the Reformation on society, the church, identity and consciousness in Denmark.

The presidium’s role was to:

  • Act as the official body of the anniversary in Denmark.
  • Establish the overall themes of the anniversary.
  • Compile a national survey of relevant research and activities.
  • Consider the need for new, foundation-funded research.
  • Play an active role in the communication and promotion of the anniversary – also through fundraising. 
  • Provide information about international anniversary events and activities.
  • Manage the national and international marketing of the anniversary, including the establishment of a website and design of a logo.

Presidium Members and Organisation

The presidium was a committee with a chair and 11 appointed representatives from Denmark’s universities, museums, cultural industries and churches.

The presidium could establish working parties for designated areas of operation.

Expenses including meeting expenses and any fees paid to members of the presidium was covered by the Ministry of Ecclesiastical Affairs, which also issued the regulations the presidium is to operate under.

The presidium ended its term of office at the end of 2017.

Her Majesty the Queen was the official patron of the Reformation Anniversary 2017.