The Presidium Organisation

The presidium was a committee with a chair and 11 appointed representatives from Denmark’s universities, museums, cultural industries and churches.

The presidium was authorised to set up working groups for specific tasks. Expenses – including meeting expenses and any fees paid to members of the presidium - were to be covered by the Ministry of Ecclesiastical Affairs, which issued the regulations the presidium is to operate under.

The presidium ended its term of office at the end of 2017.

Chairman of the Presidium

Professor Jens Oddershede, former Vice Chancellor of the University of Southern Denmark

Members of the presidium:

Associate Professor, Charlotte Appel (D. Phil), Roskilde University

Consul General, Henrik Becker-Christensen (D. Phil), Flensburg

Visual artist Maja Lisa Engelhardt

Associate Professor Bo Kristian Holm (PhD), Aarhus University

Head of Repertoire and Planning, the Danish Broadcasting Corporation’s DR Ensembles, Tatjana Kandel

Professor Kjeldgaard-Pedersen (DD), Faculty of Theology, University of Copenhagen

Director General Per Kristian Madsen (MA), National Museum of Denmark

Professor, Birgitte Possing (D Phil), Danish National Archives

Director, Johannes Riis (MA), Gyldendal Publishers

Bishop, Peter Skov-Jakobsen (MA), Diocese of Copenhagen

Professor, Dr Hanne Sanders, Lund University