The Reformation 1517-2017: Main Themes

The main themes of The Reformation 1517-2017 have been initiated by the presidium of the 500th Reformation Anniversary in Denmark. The main goal is to provide an overview of the Reformation and its significance, in order to encourage interest in the subject and provide inspiration for individuals and organisations alike.

Each of the illustrated themes includes a short text on the legacy of the Reformation today, an introduction to Luther’s thinking and reformist ideas, and an outline of the history and meaning of the Reformation in Danish society. For several of the themes an image has also been chosen to show the impact of the Reformation on visual culture.

The texts have been written by a group of authors comprised of researchers from different fields and research institutions:

Associate Professor Bo Kristian Holm (PhD) from the School of Culture and Society at Aarhus University and Professor Anna Vind from the Department of Theology at the University of Copenhagen have written the texts on Luther and the ideas of the Reformation.

Associate Professor Charlotte Appel (DPhil) from the Department of Culture and Identity at Roskilde University and Professor Hanne Sanders from the Department of History at Lund University have written the texts on the history of the Reformation and Danish society.

Senior research curator Hanne Kolind Poulsen from the National Gallery of Denmark has written the texts on the images of the Reformation. She is also the main author of the theme ‘Imagery and Art’. Associate Professor Sven Rune Havsteen from the Faculty of Theology at the University of Copenhagen has co-written the theme ‘Music and Song’.

The National Museum of Denmark is responsible for all rewrites, image sourcing and the website layout.

Editors: Charlotte Appel and Bo Kristian Holm